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The #1 Obstacle in the Way Is… Confidence

The #1 Obstacle Standing in the Way Is… Confidence

I wasn’t always confident in myself.

And if I’m going to be honest with you there are still moments where I lack confidence and belief in myself.

What’s different today is that I don’t make myself wrong for not being 100% confident in myself and my abilities, especially when I try something new or venture into uncertain territory. It’s par for course.

While researching to develop my body of work, Sell From Love, I learned that I’m not alone.

79% of people don’t go easy on themselves when they make a mistake or fail miserably. In other words they make themselves wrong for not having their sh!t together.

I’ve fallen into this camp all to often and will say that as I’ve consciously worked at being kinder to myself, my personal confidence has proportionately increased. So has the willingness to take risks, even when I’m swimming in doubt and uncertainty.

Confidence is not something we have, it’s something we develop.

It’s not a “you either have it or don’t” kind of thing. Which is great, because if you lack belief and faith in yourself, your leadership or future, there’s something you can do about it.

The first cornerstone in Sell From Love is that you need to love yourself.

To have more confidence, build strong relationships and make your impact, you need to love who you are – completely. This means all the stuff you’re good at, not so good at, and the quirks and differences you bring to the table.

One exercise that transformed my ability to be confident in myself and my clients’ is putting together a ‘Your Brilliant Difference’ narrative. This is a process I teach that describes what makes you so brilliant and defines the value and impact you deliver. It’s like a business case about you. It includes all of your goodness, so you can stop undervaluing yourself, recognize your worth, and the contribution you make to your team, clients and company.

It is a game changer.

Here are 4 tips you can implement to strengthen your confidence muscles and learn to appreciate and love who you already are:

1) Celebrate successes, wins and compliments. Remember to take a moment to relish in the results you deliver.

2) Be mindful of and manage your self talk. Pay attention to the narrative going on in your head and fill it up instead with positive and encouraging words.

3) Go easy on yourself when you make a mistake or fail, just as you would to a best friend. Self compassion goes a long way.

4) Identify what you are good at and where you add most value and impact. Focus on your strengths and advantages.

Keep the Conversation Going

On Thursday February 4th, 2021 I’m hosting a call with the Sell From Love Community at 12:00pmEST where I’ll share more ways to build your confidence and provide tools on how you can build Your Brilliant Difference narrative so you have a business case on your value proposition.  If you’re reading this after this date, don’t fret, you can join and get access to the recording and resources that went along with this session.

Want to learn more? Check out the community here and if you’re ready to join click here and find all the details located under the ‘Events’ tab in the community for our upcoming schedule of events.

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