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Tension and Pressure

Navigating the Tension and Pressure of Creativity.

Tension and pressure.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve had both.

The tension of making something new (I’m working on two brand new presentations) and the pressure to get it just right.

The tension is like a coil of wire that I’m trying to place in the right way, to create a current that generates a magnetic field or electrical spark. It’s the process of brainstorming your ideas on post its and putting together 150 PowerPoint slides.  Then eventually distilling it down to the most important 25 that will inspire, engage, and invite a client to action.

This tension is necessary and often misconstrued to mean something isn’t working because to be this creative and brilliant it shouldn’t be so hard.

An illusion that falters so many who embark on the journey.

Pressure on the other hand feels more like you’ve been put under a spell. Like you’re possessed by the need to get it just right or proving your idea is justified. You feel tight inside and creativity is restricted because it’s trying to rationalize why you need to talk about all 150 slides, okay not 150, but at least 70.

If we fall for the pressure, our message is not clear, overwhelming and we don’t do it justice.

When we can hold on long enough to bear the tension alongside the pressure, in an instant out of no where, it’s all released.

That moment finally arrived.

Grace in her Infinite Intelligence bestowed her wisdom upon me.  Finally, it was a moment of magic and much needed release.

Creative discernment transformed 150 slides into the most important and compelling 25.

Tension gone; pressure set free.

What I’ve learned is that if you hang on long enough, creativity will return the favour.

So if you’re working on something and it’s just not working. Can you hold on just a little bit longer?

Sending you vibes of clarity, discernment, and grit as you work on making your stuff and getting it out to the clients that need it most.

With love,


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