94 Ways to Help You Display Your Influence Online and In Person Within Your Network, Team, and Clients

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Benefits of Showcasing Your Influence

Bolster Leadership

When employees are inspired by their leader, it kickstarts productivity and motivation toward business goals, and that’s when fresh and creative ideas happen.

Boost Confidence

When you empower people to make decisions and take action to achieve your mission and results, it feels so dang good! You really can make a difference.

Deepen Relationships

You are seen as a trustworthy and credible source.

Achieve Goals

When people believe in your mission or offer, they’re more likely to work with you and support you in succeeding.  

Here are 94 ways you can achieve all of the above!

Download Your Influence Resource and Make Waves in Your Business

The 94 Ways to Amplify Your Influence resource acts as a cheat sheet, offering you 94 different ideas to bolster your influence online and in person within your network, team, and clients.  

Divided into various categories, like email marketing and public relations, get clear, specific, and different ideas as to how you can keep your audience on their toes with fresh modes of inspiration.