An image of a laptop and calendar to the left and a light orange background to the right with the words "2024 Transformational Seller Business Plan".

A Free Business Plan Template to Help You Predict Your Sales Forecast and Strategy for the New Year

The end of Q4 always comes with chaos: wrapping up business projects and making plans with family and friends to celebrate the holidays and new year.  

It can feel like you’re in a tornado, your priorities twisting around you and you’re trying to determine what’s what and what you need to do next. Quite honestly, the time between the holidays and the new year can feel like you’re sucked into a whole new dimension.  

So, thinking about your 2024 sales plan may not be top of mind, and that’s okay, 

Especially because Finka Inc. has designed a template for you.  

Download the online, fillable 2024 Transformational Seller Business Plan so that you can: 

  • Define your top three business goals. 
  • Highlight your most important project and how you’ll execute it. 
  • Determine your business focuses for every quarter, like revenue goals and marketing strategies. 
  • Allocate your time and focus strategically so that you can avoid burnout and incorporate activities that fill your cup and re-energize you.