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Transform Your Communication, Resonate With Stakeholders and Clients, Energize Revenue and Engagement Within Your Business

Imagine having confidence, and an innovative, strategic mindset that helps your team deliver on their goals while working your way up the leadership ladder.

Imagine uncovering your leadership strengths and being seen as a trusted advisor and credible, executive partner.

influence + persuasion
influence + persuasion (1)

Imagine clients and colleagues hearing your message and walking away inspired to take action on your recommendations.

Imagine having the ability to not take pushbacks personally, but rather the executive presence and communication know-how to adapt to the resistance.

Maybe you’re not quite there yet.

Instead, you’re trying to push your perspectives and promote your value so that you can support the business and be respected for your contributions.

Instead, you’re trying to figure out how you can show up as a strong and unique leader so that clients and colleagues take you seriously.

Instead, you’re still trying to get your audience to understand your ideas and recommendations to ensure momentum is not lost or risk increased for your business.

influence + persuasion (2)

Turn instead into now,by enrolling in
Influence + Persuasion Skills for Leaders:

Now you’ll have the power to increase your ability to craft efficient and effective messages.

Now you’ll have the skills to be a concise, influential, and transformational communicator.

Now you’ll enhance your ability to share and understand different perspectives and handle pushbacks.

Now you’ll possess the communication skills to influence and create a positive impact.

Most importantly, with the
Influence + Persuasion Skills for Leaders Program
you will:

What is the Influence + Persuasion Skills for Leaders Program?

Transactional Influence

Transformational Influence

Influence + Persuasion Skills for Leaders is a
single 2-hour workshop that includes:

PowerPoint learning deck.

Fillable practice guide and keepsake.

Tangible skills and strategies.

Real-time exercises.

This workshop can be executed in person or virtually, and the timeline can be adjusted to match your work needs.

When You and Your Team Enroll in This Program:

You’ll become 2x stronger in effectively crafting messages others can understand and buy into.

You’ll become 2x better at managing pushbacks with ease.

*Based on actual feedback from corporate workshops.

Participants would recommend the
Influence + Persuasion Skills for Leaders program: