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A coaching workshop to help sales leaders boost employee engagement, build client loyalty, and increase sales.

Coaching is the most crucial quality to have for effectively leading your sales team.

According to an International Society for Performance Improvement study, coaching can have a 221% impact on your business’ return on investment.

And according to Human Capital Institute, 51% of businesses with a strong coaching culture experience increased profit.

You may be thinking to yourself, “I conversate with my team and help them through obstacles, yet we’re still struggling to hit sales goals and form deeper client conversations.”

It all comes down to your approach. 

Are you just talking, or are you actually coaching? 



Directing your team and telling them what to do.  



Asking your team questions, supporting your team without judgement, and providing them a safe environment to facilitate their skills development and discover their own options and talents.  

Coaching involves guiding them in forming habits of self-discipline and self-awareness in alignment with your business’ values. This is why simply telling your colleagues what to do remains ineffective. In order for them to practice healthier, revenue-generating sales behaviours, you need to coach them in a way that allows them to answer their own questions and find solutions when faced with a challenge.  

Now, you understand what coaching exactly is and you recognize its value. However, you may be thinking, “How can I improve my coaching skills when I already have enough to juggle on my plate with looming sales targets, training new staff, and completing my daily tasks?” 

We get it.  

The goal of coaching is to help each of your employees reach their maximum potential so your business can too.

The fact is though, by enrolling in the Transformational Sales Leader program, you can lessen the weight on your plateYou can start hitting your sales targets with ease and integrity and you can watch your team flourish as transformational sellers.

Yes, it can take some time to hone your coaching capabilities, but once you do with the Transformational Sales Leader program, you can experience:

What is the Transformational Sales Leader: Coaching Training?

The Transformational Sales Leader program is a series of three workshops that focuses on coaching training, helping you become a transformational sales leader and coach.

As a transformational sales leader and coach, you will be able to:

What is the Transformational Sales Leader: Coaching Training?

Phase 1:


Coaching to establish effective sales behaviours and habits.

Phase 2:


Coaching to your employees’ Brilliant Differences. 


Coaching to build loyalty and add value to client conversations.


Coaching to client opportunities and pipeline-generating activities.

Phase 3:


Coaching to create client invitations and asking for the business. 

Are you ready to provide an ideal environment where your team can be their best selves?

Are you ready to understand your employees’ unique differences so you can personalize your coaching style and help them achieve the best results?

Are you ready to help your team uplevel client conversations and branch out of their comfort zones to produce more pipeline opportunities?

Are you ready to make more profit?