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Finka Inc.: The Home of Your Brilliant Difference™, Where We Help You Do and Be Your Best at Work

Our Mission

Help corporate teams and leaders discover their Brilliant Differences™ so they can perform at their best in the workplace.   

Our Vision

Inspire Brilliance

Develop teams where people embrace their own and one another’s unique talents, using them together to perform at their best within workplaces.

Unlock Confidence

Help leaders and teams become more self-aware of their full potential, so they can flex their best skills and show up confidently in every business situation.

Fuel Joy

Guide leaders and teams to uncover their ikigai (what they’re meant to do in their company and how they make a difference).

Design Purpose

Create teams where all leaders and employees can define, actualize, and align their purposes to the overall company mission, invigorating their work and impact.

Our Beliefs