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Empowering Business, Sales, and Financial Service Professionals to Sell With More Ease, More Joy, and More Profit.

Drive More Profit. 
Reach More Clients. 
Sell With Integrity.  
Fear and uncertainty have a way of eating into our intention, weakening our words, and sabotaging our sales before we even have a chance to demonstrate our Brilliant Difference™.

There’s a new way to sell that feels better and gets better results.

When you learn how to stop selling transactions and start selling the lasting transformations your customers and clients truly desire, you can sell more, earn more, and make a bigger impact.
Whether you’re selling your unique expertise, your company’s products and services, or ideas that will shift the future, leading sales expert Finka Jerkovic will help you move beyond fear, doubt and uncertainty so you can sell with integrity, provide real value, and create profit.

Hi, I'm Finka.

For so long I thought I had to change who I was to fit into the world.  I wanted to be seen as being the right kind of person who delivered results, met clients’ needs, and never relented in order to be valued at my work.

Nothing brought this to light more than when I was working for a company that asked me to lead a sales team using the most aggressive and ‘traditional’ sales processes. It was the constant ‘always be closing’, ‘mosquito-style’ pesky persistence and fear-based selling that left me feeling terrible about my work and myself.

I knew there had to be a better way – a better way to connect with clients, create solutions that solved their problems and feel good about sharing what I had to offer.

For the past twelve years, working with more than ten thousand leaders, sales professionals and entrepreneurs, from Fortune 500 to small businesses, I have been tailoring and teaching what I had intuitively discovered. The Sell from Love™ philosophy stands on my two-decade-plus career in financial industry sales and a foundation of research that included 235 interviews with entrepreneurs, financial advisors, coaches, consultants, and service-based professionals around the world.

There is a better way to sell, work and live!

I collected research, stories, statistics, examples and developed a process and exercises for my first book, Sell From Love: Love Yourself, Love your Client, Love your Offer, which hit Amazon’s #1 Best Seller List prompting it to be selected as a Hot New Release in 2020.  In my second book, Transformational Selling: A Playbook for Financial Professionals, I present a blueprint that unlocks the power of a people-first approach. Transformational Selling™ is a business strategy unlike any other.

I feel truly blessed and honored to have the opportunity to bring you a new way to align your purpose and sell your solutions authentically.

You can be a good person, do good work, and make good money doing it.

With love,


Become a Trusted, Empathetic Financial Partner and Sales Leader

Corporate Workshops

If you’re a financial service professional or sales leader who wants to create more valuable relationships with your team and clients while making a memorable impact, then the Finka Inc. Corporate Workshops are just what you’re looking for! From hands-on workshops and experiential learning to group coaching sessions, you’ll learn everything you need to become a trusted financial partner and an inspiring sales leader.

Develop Your Expert Sales Strategy


If you’re a business leader, advisor, or fellow coach who wants to confidently sell your offer, grow your business, reach new revenue goals, and learn how to attract the right clients, then the Sell From Love® Coaching program is perfect for you! From group coaching sessions, to 1:1, personal time with Finka Jerkovic, you will learn how to design meaningful, expert sales strategies that will drive your business forward.

Learn at Your Own Pace


If you’re a busy financial service professional with back-to-back client meetings or a boss business owner who needs to juggle customer management and operations, then the Transformational Selling™ Academy is the perfect space to continue your learning! Consisting of pressing sales topics that mean the most to you, each course is plug-and-play, meaning you can start and stop learning whenever you choose. The course will always be there waiting for you.

Bolster Your Self-Awareness


Having a strong sense of self-awareness can make you a more confident leader, strong communicator, and influential seller. Look through the collection of assessments Finka Inc. offers to help you define your skills and values, become a transformational seller, and grow your business' revenue.

Inspire Action and Revenue in Your Business

Keynote Speaking

There's nothing quite like an empowering Keynote speech to get the wheels of your team's minds turning to come up with new ways to engage with clients and grow revenue. Especially a Finka Inc. Keynote speech, which is curated specifically for financial services and sales professionals. Click the button below to explore our various themes and inspire action in your team.

What Clients Are Saying About Finka Inc


Since working with Finka Inc., teams and professionals have experienced:


increase in communication effectiveness and impact.


more clarity on actions to take to grow their business.


increase in leadership confidence.


more confident in selling their offers.

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