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Rise Up to Your Best Self in the Workplace
Elevate leadership skills.  
Unlock your full potential.  
Perform without limits. 

Confidence is the core of your best self.

It empowers strong leadership, strategic team building, skill advancement, and business opportunities. But when your confidence falters, where do you turn to? You don’t need an outside source to crack the code.

It all starts with you and Your Brilliant Difference™— a leadership training program and performance growth beacon, helping you rise up to who you are, the value you deliver, and the impact you have on your team and clients.

Partner with Performance Advisor, Finka Jerkovic, for leadership training to uncover your Brilliant Difference™ and champion confidence through every obstacle and win. It’s time to understand how you best lead and communicate so you can ignite growth within yourself, team, and business.

What is Your Brilliant Difference™?

The Power of Self-Awareness and Confidence

Your Brilliant Difference™ is a one-of-a-kind leadership training and team development program that cultivates self-awareness and confidence, allowing you to uncover your unique strengths and talents, letting you know how you best communicate and lead.

Once you’re aware of Your Brilliant Difference™ and how you exactly show up as your best self, you can:

  • Define, hone, and build upon your strengths to generate a meaningful impact.
  • Unlock the full potential of your leadership and communication skills.
  • Recognize and manage your weaknesses so that your leadership and impact can stay on an assured path.
  • Work with your team in a collaborative, efficient environment where productivity and engagement thrive.
  • Accelerate your performance, driving new business opportunities and revenue.

Your Brilliant Difference™ in Action

Transform your barriers into brilliance.

Leadership Disconnection

Leadership Alignment

When people don’t feel valued by managers and the culture lacks empathy, listening, and understanding, 79% of employees are likely to leave a company. On top of that, 69% of millennials (a budding work generation) are worried that companies won’t invest in their own leadership skills. When you build upon your leadership style and align it with how you best deliver value, you will create a thriving business atmosphere that encourages leadership and skills development for everyone.

Team and Information Silos

Team Synergy and Collaboration

There’s nothing worse than when lines of communication and information are missed or twisted, causing stalled productivity and employee frustration. When you and your team understand how to best communicate and collaborate, aligning with and supporting one another’s styles, you can crush the complications of silos and create an open and innovative work environment.

Career, Leadership, and Skills Stagnancy

Employee Engagement and Retention

Skills, career, and leadership expansion are top priorities for employees. 89% of people in the workforce are eager to improve and develop skills, promote to new roles, and seek leadership opportunities. Yet in 2022, 63% of people left their job due to a lack of career advancement opportunities. The Your Brilliant Difference™ program is not only a skill advancement opportunity, but a bridge to a more engaged and passionate environment. When you become more aware of how you best lead and coach, you’ll know how to build deeper relationships with employees and understand their unique learning and growth preferences. You’ll have no problem keeping them engaged and growing, as you’ll know how to communicate with them in a way that resonates.

Dissatisfied Customers and Lack of Opportunity

Business Growth

When you don’t know your true strengths and recognize your weaknesses, it’s like wearing blinders. You won’t know which strengths to hone and which weaknesses to steer clear of or improve upon, costing you your best performance. In turn, this can sacrifice your client experience and pipeline opportunities. For your business to be at its best, you and your team need to be too. And how can you do that when you’re not aware of what your best self and team look like?

Lackluster Purpose and Vision

Invested Workforce

70% of employees say that work contributes to their purpose. If a workforce can’t align their purposes with the overall business mission, you risk high turnover. This program offers the ability to uncover how you boldly show up with your skills and talents and how they directly contribute to your company’s success. When people recognize the meaningful impact of their unique skills at work, it increases motivation, passion, and creative thinking. People will no longer show up just for the sake of getting paid; rather, they’ll pay it forward by becoming deeply invested in the business and working toward the mission.

Build Your Skills on Your Own Terms

On top of the core Your Brilliant Difference™ program and leadership training, we’ve carefully curated skill-builder add-ons so that you and your team can build leadership skills that matter the most in today’s modern workplace.

Create an unforgettable, meaningful impact for your team and clients. Which skills will you build?

Invest in Your Team’s Leadership and Skills

93% of employees are ready to leave a company if they don’t invest in their career growth.

Companies that offer leadership training to all employees, not just management, are 4.2 times more likely to outperform compared to those who don’t.

Who We’ve Worked With


Since working with Finka Inc., companies have experienced:


increase in communication effectiveness and impact.


more clarity on actions to take to grow their business.


increase in leadership confidence.


more confident in selling their offers.

Ready to Discover Your Brilliant Difference™?

Our team can formulate a custom way forward that aligns with your leadership training and team building goals and learning preferences.

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