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About Finka Inc.

Welcome to the Home of Your Brilliant Difference™, Where We Help You Do and Be Your Best at Work.

Whether you’re a corporate CEO, director, or manager at a large organization or small business, you have a clear goal in mind:

Business growth.

For you this may look like employee retention, client loyalty, consistent pipeline opportunities, or team collaboration. 

No matter what your business growth vision looks like, executive leadership coach and performance advisor, Finka Jerkovic, can support you.

With 25+ years in leadership and sales and the financial services industry, she has witnessed the power of recognizing and celebrating people’s unique strengths and differences (a.k.a Brilliant Differences™) within a workplace. When everyone’s unique talents are appreciated and people work together using them, that’s when the real magic of business growth happens:  

  • Engaged and energized employees. 
  • Satisfied and loyal clients. 
  • Elevated client experiences. 
  • Enhanced productivity. 
  • Aligned personal and business purposes. 
  • Flourishing revenue.  

Fast forward 10 years. 

Finka has established programs that help corporate companies grow their businesses by tapping into the full potential of their teams, so they can clearly define their strengths, value their differences, and perform at their best. 

Our Mission

Help leaders and teams discover their Brilliant Differences™ so they can unlock their potential and perform at their best.

Our Vision

Inspire Brilliance

Develop teams where people embrace their own and one another’s unique talents, using them together to perform at their best within workplaces.

Unlock Confidence

Help leaders and teams become more self-aware of their full potential, so they can flex their best skills and show up confidently in every business situation.

Fuel Joy

Guide leaders and teams to uncover their ikigai (what they’re meant to do in their company and how they make a difference).

Design Purpose

Create teams where all leaders and employees can define, actualize, and align their purposes to the overall company mission, invigorating their work and impact.

Our Beliefs

We believe…

Do We Sound Like a Good Fit?

If you resonate with any aspects of our vision, mission, values, and beliefs, chances are we’re a great fit to work together! 

Click the button below, and our team can formulate a custom way forward that aligns with your goals and learning preferences.   

We’re so excited to meet you and discover your Brilliant Difference™.