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With 25+ years of experience in sales and financial services, Finka Jerkovic recognized that traditional methods of selling were pushy and transactional, like a house fly buzzing around your ear that you just can’t get rid of. It left her feeling “icky.”  

Selling is so much more than a transaction. It’s about building relationships and driving value to help people. She didn’t want others to feel caught in “icky” selling either, so she formed Finka Communications Inc. 

Finka Communications Inc. is Finka Jerkovic’s executive coaching business where she helps financial service, sales, and entrepreneur leaders fine tune their selling skills from transactional to transformational.  

We’re on a mission to bring transformational sales and leadership development programs that educate, enlighten, and empower our clients to create world-class customer experiences and build courageous and inspiring workplaces that uplift their people, purpose, and results. 

“Selling” shouldn’t be a term that is feared.

When you sell in a way that keeps your integrity intact, deepens client relationships, and generates a purposeful impact, it should be a term that should be embraced.

After all, you’re helping people transform their lives by solving their problems and helping them reach their goals!

If you’re tired of feeling stuck in the past with dated sales tactics that aren’t giving you the desired results, then you can change this by working with Finka Jerkovic and Finka Communications Inc. to make every step of your sales process transformational.


Be who you are, so you can become who you’re here to be.


Be an owner and show up as a leader, with or without the title.


Bring your differences towards a unifying purpose.


Express your gifts, ideas, and values generously for the betterment of others.


Elevate your relationships and impact from transactional to transformational.


Use your work as a playground of service to others.