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Transformational Selling

A Playbook for Financial Professionals

8 Habits to deepen client relationships + grow your business with your integrity intact!

“Trust is your currency for growth, impact, and profit.  People want more authentic connections from their financial partners. They want you to stop trying to ‘sell them stuff’ and start solving the problems that are getting in the way of their financial goals and dreams.”

– Finka Jerkovic

Don’t become another commoditized financial professional. Dive in and unlock the power and impact of Transformational Selling!

Rising from her number 1 Amazon bestseller and hot new release, Sell From Love, Finka Jerkovic presents a wonderfully accessible and astutely crafted blueprint to unlocking the power of a people-first approach, shifting from transactional to transformational selling.  She challenges financial professionals to bring their best self every day, putting their team and clients at the heart of the business. 

The Transformational Selling Playbook
for Financial Professionals will help you:


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Learn how to sell with integrity, align to your values, and build a meaningful and profitable business – no matter what you’re selling.