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Inspiring Revenue, Confidence, and Leadership Growth in Financial Services and Sales Leaders

If you have an upcoming company or industry conference and you’re looking to book a Keynote speaker who will get the gears in people’s minds turning, provide a new outlook, and inspire action within attendees, then consider booking Finka Jerkovic.

With 25+ years of experience in the financial services and sales industry, she’s on a mission to revamp the way we sell from transactional to transformational. She specializes in sales, finance, leadership, and communication and presentation topics that help leaders hone their skills to increase revenue and presence within their businesses.

With every Keynote speaking session, Finka creates a unique, interactive, and personalized experience to align with your objectives and the audience you’re hosting.


Next Steps

To book Finka for your next Keynote speaking session, simply click the button below to book a discovery call. During this meeting, she will chat with you to see what your individual needs are and how she can curate content to serve you and your audience best. Once she has a strong overview of your aspirations, she will send you a proposal outline of what to expect for the content and pricing.

With every Keynote speaking session, Finka creates a unique, interactive, and personalized experience to align with your objectives and the audience you’re hosting.

Keynote Speaking Session Topics

Sell From Love Pathway

The Sell From Love™ Pathway keynote speaking session is built upon the Sell From Love® philosophy: love yourself, love your client, love your offer. This session will teach audience members how to sell from a place of love instead of fear, allowing you to cultivate confidence in your skills, generate meaningful and authentic client connections, and define your unique value you bring to the table with your offer.

The Transformational Seller

The Transformational Seller keynote speaking session is inspired by the Transformational Selling™ System. The content will elevate audience member’s sales tactics from transactional to transformational, helping you grow your business and revenue with authentic integrity, empathetic communication, and purposeful impact.

Signature Sales Style

The Signature Sales Style keynote speaking session blossoms from Finka Inc.’s Your Brilliant Difference™ Program. By booking this session, you're allowing your audience to define exactly how they sell, add value, the impact they bring, and who your clients get to be because they brought their unique value proposition. This session aims to strengthen their communication and leadership skills by selling to their strengths, while aligning their purpose and impact with the business’ goals.

Amplify Your Influence

The Amplify Your Influence keynote speaking session allows audience members to become transformational communicators, helping them to more deeply understand their clients so they can deliver resonating content to stakeholders, create impactful messages, and learn how to energize and engage with the audience members. This session is based off of Finka Inc.'s corporate workshop Influence + Persuasion Skills for Leaders. It is perfect for teams who would like to create more impactful communications within their workplaces and sales leaders who would like to get clearer on their message delivery for clients.