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A corporate employee high-fiving a client.

What is Your Business Differentiator? Beyond Benefits and Features 

Your business differentiator is really about how you uniquely deliver value through the talent of your team. Learn how to define this here.
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Confident leaders and team.

3 Ways to Inspire Leadership Confidence Within Yourself and Team  

Leadership confidence is at a decade low. Follow these 3 strategies to replenish faith in yourself and team.
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People working together in an office at a conference table.

Leadership Meaning: What It Actually Means to Be a Leader 

Leadership is about lifting others up, not a title. Discover the true leadership meaning and its 5 qualities you most likely already possess.
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A woman in an office sitting back in a chair and smiling.

3 Reasons to Be Yourself at Work 

Showing up authentically at work may be uncomfortable at first but can unlock your limitless potential. Here are 3 reasons to be yourself at work.
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A manager talking with an employee in an office with a desk between them.

Surrender as a Coaching Strategy

Using surrender as a coaching strategy can lessen your stress and help others more strongly step into their roles. Here's how to use the strategy.
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An image of Finka Jerkovic and Lauren Litt with someone scrollong on their phone in the background with like and comment icons coming out of the device.

Q & A: 2024 Social Media Tips Featuring Lauren Litt, CEO of Lil Shameless Plug

Want to know how to best utilize social media for your business in 2024? Read about 2024 social media tips from a CMO here.
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A man and a woman talking in an office with a window behind them.

The Purpose of Coaching in the Workplace

Unsure about the purpose of coaching in the workplace? Learn about its benefits, like expanding self-awareness, here.
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Three people sitting together at a cafe in front of an open laptop.

Sales Best Practices: What Selling Is and Isn’t

Selling isn't really the act of someone making a purchase for a service. Follow these sales best practices and find out what selling truly is.
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A man standing in front of a white wall with black and white industrial drawings to the left and colourful, creative drawings to the right.

How to Be Creative in Sales and Marketing (You Don’t Need to Fit the Mold)

Working in sales and marketing shouldn't dampen your creativity. In fact, your uniqueness is needed. Here's how to be creative in sales and marketing.
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