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At Finka Inc., we value transparency, collaboration, and accessible learning, so we’ve curated a collection of sales resources for you to download and share with your peers.

We continually add to our library.

From infographics to ebooks, get authentic sales insight from expert sales coach, Finka Jerkovic, and transform your sales, business growth, and revenue.

Readiness Factor Scale

Future-proof your sales process by understanding how ready your client is to work with you and how prepared you are to work with them!

Amplify Your Influence Guidebook

A fillable, online guidebook that helps you understand your current level of influence skills while providing you with an influence strategy to communicate with confidence, deliver value, and make a meaningful impact.

Transformational Selling™ Proposal Framework

Uncover six steps to follow that will help your sales proposal stick every time.

Signature Sales Style

A fillable document that you can download to help you formulate and discover what your Signature Sales Style is. By completing the blueprint, you’ll be able to understand exactly who you are, what your impact is, and who others get to be because of you in your sales process. 

Your Brilliant Coaching™ Cheat Sheet

Start your journey of transformational, brilliant coaching now. Download the Your Brilliant Coaching™ Cheat Sheet to access a bank of coaching questions to start using in meetings to engage your team and drive desired business results.

94 Ways to Amplify Your Influence

The 94 Ways to Amplify Your Influence resource acts as a cheat sheet, offering you 94 different ideas to bolster your influence online and in person within your network, team, and clients.