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The Your Brilliant Difference Podcast is a leadership development and team-building podcast for corporate leaders, employees, and entrepreneurs who put people and their skills first.

  • Learn how recognizing and appreciating people’s unique talents and differences contribute to business success.
  • Stories, tips, strategies, reports, and interviews of how people perform and lead at their best by defining and embracing their Brilliant Differences™.

Lead With Brilliance

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Ready to define how you lead and perform at your best?

Self-awareness is your superpower.

From being aware of your strengths and differences, to honing top leadership skills and team-building techniques, this podcast brings you strategies and stories to help you lead and perform at your best.

There’s no room for transactional tips here. We dive deep into what it means to be your best self at work, so you can experience a transformation with every episode.

If you want to…

Hone your leadership style and align it with your company’s mission.

Know what the top leadership skills are and how to bolster and implement them in your workplace.

Help your team communicate and collaborate at their best while appreciating everyone’s unique talents and differences.

Then the Your Brilliant Difference Podcast is a must-listen for you!

Latest Episodes

Meet the Host of Your Brilliant Difference Podcast

Hi, I’m Finka Jerkovic, and I’m thrilled that you’ve arrived at my corner of the internet.

When preparing this podcast, I wanted to provide you with something special — a go-to source that you can come back to when you need words of encouragement or fresh insight as you set direction, make decisions, and motivate and inspire your people. Even when you know what your strengths and best attributes are, imposter syndrome, doubt, and fear are real
leadership enemies that lurk around unexpected corners.

I’m here to help you overcome those barriers, reminding you of the truly brilliant human you are and how you make a meaningful impact within your life and for your people.

For 10 years now, I’ve been doing the same for clients through my business, Finka Inc., and my signature program, Your Brilliant Difference™. Through immersive workshops and coaching sessions, I’ve helped leaders and their
teams become more effective communicators, confident leaders, stronger collaborators, and clearer decision-makers.

The value is too good not to share, so I’m packaging slices of learnings into this podcast for you.

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