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The Transformational Selling book is here!

I’d like to invite you to check out my new book, that’s all about helping you deepen client relationships, grow your business, and sell with integrity.

Selling isn’t always easy.

There are moments when you worry if you’re coming across too salesy or pushy.

You anguish over making the ask, tip toeing and dancing around the moment you utter the words “Would you like to work together?” (if you actually do).

Or when you finally muster up the courage to put an offer out there, you wonder what you did wrong, when get the dreaded no.

What if you could change all of this?

What if you could bring more ease and joy to your selling?

What if you could lighten the load?

Well, you can, by making this one shift.

You need to shift from thinking you’re selling transactions and realize you’re fulfilling transformations.

Selling isn’t about you or what you will get, be it hitting a goal, earning money, or receiving accolades. Even though these do end up being the natural by-products of being a Transformational Seller.

Transformation Selling is about you helping your clients get more of what they want, be it time, money, energy, connection, or confidence to name a few. You offer a way forward, using your advice, guidance, expertise, products, and services. You have something that will help them get that, and it is your responsibility to share it, so they can find you.

Clients want more from you. They want thoughtful conversations, personalized experiences, and a partner that guides them to be the hero of their story. If you’re looking for a better way to engage and invite clients to work with you, look no further – become a Transformational Seller.

This book offers you eight habits that will help you:

• Unlock the power of Your Brilliant Difference
• Stop letting fear get in the way of your business development activities
• Feel authentic and aligned to your values every time you sell
• Create invitations and ask for the business with confidence and integrity
• Establish a people + purpose = profit mindset
• Build a financially sustainable business you and your clients will love

You can get your copy here.

If you’re ordering more than one copy, be sure to take advantage of these special book bonuses. Learn more about them here.

I can’t wait to hear from you and the stories you’ll share because you’ve chosen to become a Transformational Seller!



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