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Sales Proposal Do’s and Don’ts: How to Make a Transformational Impact

There’s a monumental shift in client expectations. People want you to stop trying to sell them stuff and start solving the problems that are hindering their goals and dreams. They want authentic connections. They want transformational experiences. But have you noticed that fear and uncertainty have a way of eroding your intention, weakening your influence, and sabotaging sales before you even have a chance to demonstrate your Brilliant Difference™? 

There’s a new way to sell that feels good while achieving better results. When you learn how to stop selling simple transactions and start selling lasting transformations your team and clients truly desire, you can lead better, sell more, and make a bigger impact.  

It’s time to stop chasing a sale and unlock the power and impact of transformational selling so that you can present proposals that stick every time. 

In this article, we will discuss the do’s and don’ts of a sales proposal that everyone should be aware of during the planning and execution phases. Continue reading to make your next sales proposal is the best one yet.  

The Truth About Sales Proposals

Executing a sales proposal is one of the most challenging phases of the sales process. Often, it’s mired with fear, stress, tension, and anxiety of wanting to get it all right and the end result being a “yes” from your client. On the other hand, you may actually approach it with ease and or even a just-winging it approach. 

The Transformational Sales Proposal is the one that’s going to be most beneficial to your client. It’s going to be the one they’re going to walk away from feeling seen, heard, and understood, and this type of proposal is the one that is going to get them to say “yes” to you. 

“Even though you might have that tension and that stress, and even if fear is in the room with you, you know that you've put together a beautiful proposal, and that is exactly what your clients would be wanting to say yes to.”

The Do's and Don'ts of Sales Proposals

1. Don't Have a Narrow Focus

You can go into a proposal being deeply invested about the product or service you’re offering, as well as the outcome you want to achieve, but this can also cause blind spots. Oftentimes when you hyperfocus on your offer and yourself, you’re not allowing the client to communicate and collaborate, which is crucial for them to feel seen and understood. Additionally, when you’re talking at your client and not with them, you’re only selling to them, not building a transformational connection. Always broaden your focus and include your client where applicable. The proposal should be about them, not you.  

2. Do Reflect on Your Past Presentations

After each sales proposal you put forth, set some time aside to think about it and ask yourself these questions: 

  • How did I feel while presenting and after? 
  • What can I learn from the end-result and interactions throughout? 
  • What can I do differently next time? 
  • What shouldn’t I do next time? 
  • What should I improve on next time? 
  • What vibe did you receive from your client? 
  • Did you get a closed deal?  

By self-reflecting on every sales proposal you make, you’re bettering yourself for each one in the future, leaving behind tactics that are transactional and integrating methods that are transformational.  

3. Don't Let Fear Strike You Down

We’re all on different journeys in our careers, so make sure you stay in your lane and don’t compare yourself to others. This can feed your nerves and fear. When we feel fear when preparing a proposal, we may procrastinate and overthink the structuring of the content. When we feel fear when presenting, we may stumble over our words and not allow time for collaboration. In turn, this may lead to a failed proposal. But a failed proposal is a golden learning opportunity to develop your skills and will give you extra motivation to keep creating sales proposals, with each being better than the first. Failure is a part of life, and getting through it is what leads to success!  

4. Do Use a Transformational Mindset

While focusing on the transformation your clients aspire to have is important, it’s also beneficial to look internally and notice a transformation within yourself. Oftentimes this is sparked by branching out of your comfort zone and making Edge Moves that bring value and meaning to your client.  

We’re constantly a work in progress. We’re constantly working on ourselves and our material. Therefore, the transformation is not only for your clients and the impact that you’re going to have—you’re also transforming yourself. Look at it this way: it’s not just about your clients, this is also about you, because every time you go out there to transform your clients and impact, you’re doing legwork too. 

Present Confidently

From having a narrow focus to self-reflection, you now have insight into the key do’s and don’ts of sales proposals. Whether you’re a newbie or an expert, following these tips will help you cultivate your skills while becoming more transformative in your impact. It’s like a ripple effect—when you conquer fear and self-reflect to develop confidence, it will be felt by others, and soon your clients will find confidence in you and your offer 

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