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4 Elements of a Sales Mindset: Landing Successful Proposals

Mindset — values, outlooks, and attitudes you’ve formed for yourself. Much like everything in life, mindset comes with its own yin and yang, either making you or breaking you. You want your sales mindset to make you!

  • Make you more revenue.
  • Make you more confident.
  • Make you build deeper connections.
  • Make you more understanding of your clients’ struggles.

From non-attachment to reflection, reframing, and transformation, here’s how to adjust your mindset to get you more sales.

1. Non-Attachment

Sometimes when you hyperfocus on a desired outcome, you can’t see the forest for the trees. This tunnel vision can leave you feeling blindsided when the outcome isn’t what you expected, such as receiving a “No,” or absolute silence from a prospect. To avoid this shellshock and misery, work from a place of non-attachment, letting go of the result and being present in your offer. This allows you to keep an open mind and accept all possibilities. Of course, you always want to hear “Yes,” but whether it’s a yes or no, it doesn’t matter. What truly matters is that you’re presenting, putting in the work, and engaging with clients. Don’t focus on the “What if…” Enjoy the process and focus on the here and now.

2. Reflection

When preparing your proposal, ask questions!

  • What’s in it for your client?
  • What problems are you going to help them solve?
  • How is your solution going to transform their life?
  • What struggles are they experiencing?
  • What results are they looking for?

By reflecting on and answering these questions, you form a deeper understanding of your audience and their needs, empowering you to make your presentation more empathetic and relatable.

3. Reframing

“No,” is a part of every sales process. Whether you’re just starting your career or you’re an expert, you’re bound to hear this word. But it’s what you make of it and how you react to “No,” that counts. Instead of approaching it from a mindset of failure, leading to feelings of defeat and frustration, flip it to a mindset of possibility:

  • No may just mean not right now, and they may work with you in the future.
  • The client partnership may not have been meant to be, and you could have dodged a bullet.
  • Other clients and yes’s will come along!

Instead of relating no to negative emotions and fearing rejection, think of it as a door closing only for another one to open. Not hearing back from a client may make you feel the same way, but having a strong follow-up process can remedy this. After all, if you don’t reconnect and present your value, you’ll never know if that client actually wants to work with you. By continuing to build that connection, past no’s and lack of responses can actually change into “Yes.”

4. Transformation

Have you heard the message of: you can’t fill the cups of others until you fill your own cup? This coincides well with Transformational Selling™. How do you expect to take your client on a transformational journey without going on one yourself? While preparing your proposal and after the actual presentation, think about what you got from the content, how it affected you, and who you get to be because of it.

  • Did your past proposal give you new ideas to set up your PowerPoint?
  • Do you feel more confident when speaking to a group?
  • Did you try a more conversational, interactive approach, giving you an innovative proposal strategy?

A Successful Sales Proposal Starts With You

Your proposal is as good as your sales mindset. It’s time to detach from desired outcomes and hone on the possibilities. Ask yourself specific questions to dive deep into your clients’ needs, and remember that “No,” doesn’t always mean never. Most importantly, transform yourself and your skills so that you can do the same for your client.

If you need extra support, download my Transformational Selling Proposal Framework. It includes a plug-and-play workbook, infographic, and PowerPoints to guide you in the transformational direction of sales proposals.

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