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A napkin and cup of coffee on a table with the words Pause and Reflect written on the napkin.

5 Business Lessons I Learned Within the First Half of 2024 

Do you know the saying, the best teachers are students? Along the same vein, I believe the best leaders are lifelong learners. A part of brilliant leadership is reflecting on your experiences (the good, the bad, and the ugly) to glean what you can learn—what will you repeat and what will you leave in the past?  

If you’re not sure where to start, take inspiration from the five business lessons I’ve learned so far this year, and discover how you can apply them to your career and life. 

If you’re a video or audio learner, dive into all five of my business lessons by tuning into Episode 156 of the Your Brilliant Difference™ Podcast, “5 Lessons I Learned in the First Half of 2024—In a Nutshell.”

Lesson 1: It’s Not Too Late to Start (or Restart) New Habits

Business, sales, and marketing development never stop changing. And as the CEO at Finka Inc., I guide and support my team in each element. It often reminds me of the episode of Friends where they move a clunky couch up a narrow set of stairs and Ross shouts, “Pivot!” 

When designing strategies, me and my team constantly look at what’s working and what’s not working, meaning we double down on strong habits and introduce new ones.  

But as you may know, introducing new habits is easier said than done. It’s not like a light switch, with a simple on and off function (if only it were that easy).  

A new habit I had to acquire this year was LinkedIn engagement (actively reaching out and connecting on a social media channel). And to be completely honest, it’s not my jam. But I know it’s a powerful tool for business growth, and it’s a watering hole for my audience.  

Even though I’ve been chipping away at this habit—with some weeks on and some weeks off—I’ve already seen success in connecting with people and obtaining new business opportunities. Now, imagine if I was “on” this habit all the time. I wonder how the results would change.  

So, my business lesson to you is this: just because you start and stop a habit doesn’t mean you can’t start fresh the next day. Keep at it, until it becomes a slightly more comfortable routine for you.  

Lesson 2: See Projects Through to Fruition

I’m going to stick with my LinkedIn strategy, as it’s a big piece of my marketing puzzle this year.  

Social media is hot and cold. Some weeks (or months) you have oodles of reactions and engagement and other weeks (or months) it’s like shouting into a dark cavern, “Who’s out there?” waiting (impatiently) for people to see the value of your posts.  

And with the ebbs and flow of the algorithm and human behaviors, my commitment and hope in this strategy wavers too. But marketing is a long haul. It doesn’t happen overnight. And if I stop now, when the going gets tough, I’ll never uncover the full potential of this platform. 

So, my business lesson to you is this: see your new projects to fruition. Give whatever you start your all. Give it your hardest try and uncover the full potential it can unlock for you.  

Lesson 3: Find Work You Love

A key pillar I’ve engraved in my business is purposeful work—helping my team and clients find joy and meaning in their roles. While I believe everyone should be excited to show up at work, I promote this pillar for good reason:  

  • According to Gallup, graduates who find purposeful work that align with their integrity and interests experience 10x better well-being.  
  • 70% of employees admit that their work plays a key role in defining their purpose. 
  • Deloitte released a study that highlighted 73% of employees are engaged when working at a purpose-led company vs. 23% of employee engagement when working at a non-purpose led company.  

Higher well-being. Higher workplace engagement. It’s a win-win. 

But with copious tasks on your to-do lists, meeting invites popping up on your calendar (like daisies!), and emails flooding your inbox, your mission to find work you love may seem dismal.  

As one of your business lessons, I encourage you to practice the 80/20 rule. Not everything in your workday needs to be something you love, but 20% should fill your cup and allow you to harness your Brilliant Difference™ in a way that fuels you with joy.

For instance, in my weekly Find Your Brilliance Newsletter, I’ve started writing Beyond the Business life snippets. They’ve quickly become the most cathartic and creative slices of my week. Do I write them all day every day? No. But it’s something I look forward to.  

So, my lesson to you is this: find what you look forward to in your work and prioritize it. 

Lesson 4: Your Brilliant Difference™ is a Constant Work in Progress (WIP)

While I work closely with clients to uncover and tap into their Brilliant Differences™, the work is never done. What you define as your Brilliant Difference™ one year may look incrementally different within five years, which is completely normal, as you’re a different version of you.  

Something that’s helped me this year is observing how my Brilliant Difference™ shows up in my work, to see how I can inject more of it, and lean into it even further, to best support my team and clients.  

So, my lesson to you is this: recognize how your strengths show up in your role and how you can replicate and grow upon them.  

Lesson 5: Make Time for Open Space

For a minute, I want you to envision yourself as Maria from The Sound of Music, frolicking, dancing, and singing among the rolling hills. Even if you can’t sing or dance, imagine how it feels to move around a wide-open space, without limitations. The words freeing, breathtaking, and relaxing come to my mind.  

Now imagine sitting at your desk. Imagine what it feels like when you forget to take a break because you’re so absorbed in your work, or you just haven’t had a chance due to juggling tasks. You might start to get a headache, you may feel tired from a lack of food, your muscles could start cramping, etc., etc. 

The point is you need time away from work. You need time to replenish your battery, unwind your cramped muscles, and let your brilliance breathe. If your cup is empty, it’s impossible to pour into the cups of others. 

While work can be an important part of your life, it’s not everything. I value my family and enjoy spending time with them, so this year, I’ve started to block off my calendar to prioritize those moments and go to more horse shows and events with my daughter! 

So, my lesson to you is this: don’t wait until your battery is empty to take time off. You need to rest and reset to keep your Brilliant Difference™ shiny. 

Learning is Never-Ending

Reflecting on my business year thus far has been therapeutic in a way and allowed me to share with you my ups and downs and business lessons learned. I hope you found at least one lesson helpful and feel inspired to outline your own lessons.  

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