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Client Case Study 4

Company Profile


One of Canada’s “Big 5” Banks



Financial Services



Supplier Relationship Management

Team Challenges

Program Needs

The Program Delivered

The Your Brilliant Difference Workshop

The Your Brilliant Difference Story Group Coaching Session

Your Team's Brilliant Difference Workshop

Program Impact


improvement in overall confidence in personal brand.


improvement in knowledge of competitive advantage.


improvement in ability to describe how they add value.


improvement in using personal brand effectively.


improvement in understanding of how their personality is seen by others.


This program gave me a perspective on things I wasn’t aware I was lacking and helped me identify how I can change my actions to work in a more positive and effective manner.

I have a better understanding of how others tick and what approach would resonate the most for them. This will greatly help team effectiveness.

We had deeper insights on each team member’s style and strengths and how we can leverage each other’s strengths to have more impact in our work and team cohesiveness.

The workshop provided great insights in how we can work better together.

I walked away learning to exercise more patience, listen more, and be more present. This program offers a unique perspective into your personal brand, and I really enjoyed creating my Brilliant Difference Story.