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Episode 10: Be Loyal to Yourself, Even if You Don’t Always Get it Right with Nancy Jane Smith

Be Loyal to Yourself, Even if You Don't Always Get it Right

What does it mean to be loyal to yourself, and what is stopping us from living most authentically?

In my book Sell From Love I do a deep dive into the five protector strategies we use when we feel fear, uncertainty, doubt, guilt or the pressure to meet expectations.  The 5 protector strategies are perfection, pleasing, proving, performance and punishment.

I’ve fallen prey to these more often than I’d like to talk about, and overtime have learned what I need to pay attention to and the triggers that activate one of these protection strategies. It’s made it easier to manage and even avoid because I know whenever I do something outside my comfort zone, inadvertently I can evoke a need to prove, perform and please.

My guest today, Nancy Smith is a licensed Professional Counselor with eleven years in private practice and has spent over two decades working as a counselor and coach.

She is an expert in High Functioning Anxiety where she helps successful, driven, type A professionals see through their perfectionism, people-pleasing, and tendency to compare themselves to others.

In this episode Nancy enlightens us on the difference between trusting ourselves and being loyal to ourselves like we would to others.

Then shares her simple 3 step process on how to overcome the tendencies to please, compare and be perfect and manage the voices going on in our head so you can go out there use your brilliant difference to make a meaningful impact to your clients and company.

I can’t wait for you to listen to this episode and get inspired by Nancy Jane Smith to to be as loyal to yourself as you are to others.

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