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Episode 110: Driving Meaningful Engagement with Julie Littlechild

Welcome to episode 110 of the Transformational Selling podcast! In this episode I have Founder & CEO Julie Littlechild joining me. 

Julie is a recognized expert on the drivers of client and customer engagement and how it is being disrupted. She has worked with and studied successful financial advisors and their clients for more than 25 years. Prior to founding her impressive business, Absolute Engagement, Julie launched and ran one of the industry’s leading research firms, which focused on client engagement.  

She is the author of a popular blog and a book, The Pursuit of Absolute Engagement. On top of this, she has served on the national board of the Financial Planning Association, and she currently sits on the Investment and Wealth Institute advisory board. She has been twice identified as one of the 25 Most Influential People and won the Iconoclast Award from Bob Veres. 

In this episode, Julie and I talk about the true meaning of engagement, the value it holds, and how you can form deeper connections with clients and prospects.  

Specifically, here’s what you will learn: 

  • How engagement and customer satisfaction are intertwined 
  • How to prioritize the human elements and nurture relationships 
  • How technology can enhance engagement 
  • The importance of understanding the confidence and concerns of clients and prospects and how to form meaningful conversations around those points 

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