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Episode 111: How to React and Adapt to “No” with Andrea Waltz

Welcome to episode 111 of the Transformational Selling Podcast! In this episode, best-selling Co-Author, Andrea Waltz, joins me to discuss the themes of her new novel, When They Say No. She co-wrote the book with her husband, Richard. If you haven’t read the first book yet, Go For No!, you can grab a copy on Amazon.

Aside from being a talented writer, Andrea Waltz is also the co-founder of Courage Crafters, where she teaches people in virtually every business and industry how to think and feel differently about failure, rejection, and the word, “no.” Today, Go for No! is a well-known methodology in the world of selling and is widely recognized as the singular best program that deals with rejection in business.

Andrea’s second book, When They Say No, incorporates the concepts of the first book, but she peels back the layers even more, identifying what to think, say, and do upon rejection and resistance.

Together, we dive deep into what it’s like to sell while battling fear and worrying about hearing the word, “no.” Through tangible examples and real-life stories, we outline how to strategically cope with rejection and persevere.

Specifically, here’s what you will learn:

  • How hearing more no’s can lead to more yes’s.
  • How to handle and react to rejection in a strategic way.
  • The importance of asking the right questions while actively listening.
  • The power of adapting and modifying your physiology.
  • The impact of consistency.

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