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Episode 121: Referrals Make Your Business Go Round With Stacey Brown Randall

Welcome to episode 121 of the Transformational Selling™ Podcast! Joining me in this episode is the creator of Building a Referable Business™, Stacey Brown Randall.  

Stacey is the multiple award-winning author of Generating Business Referrals Without Asking, host of the Roadmap to Referrals podcast, and a national speaker. She teaches business owners how to generate referrals naturally… without manipulating, incentivizing, or even asking. She has been featured in national publications like Entrepreneur Magazine, Investor Business Daily, Forbes, and more. She received her Master’s in Organizational Communication and is married with three kids. 

Referrals are the bread and butter of your business, and it took Stacy overcoming an obstacle to find this out and transform the process. Before her current company, she had another business that lasted four years, but she had to shut it down. Yet, this is the same professional who started her current business and got 112 referrals in a single year. 

Find out how she did it and the systems to put into place by listening to this episode. 

Specifically, here’s what you will learn: 

  • The true definition of a referral and how it differs from testimonials. 
  • What to avoid when approaching referrals. 
  • How to build a referral strategy.  
  • How to approach receiving a referral in a personable, holistic way. 
  • The importance of understanding your referral sources. 
  • The power behind nurturing active referral sources and potential referral sources. 
  • How referrals can grow your business naturally.  

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