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Episode 124: How to Increase Your Influence Presence

Welcome to episode 124 of the Transformational Selling™ Podcast! This podcast episode will teach you how to strengthen your influence presence. 

Did you know that how you show up as an influencer and seller is shaped by your beliefs? Your beliefs surrounding your influence, skills, and clients can make or break your influence success. By understanding your empowering beliefs and firmly rooting in them, you can get more comfortable influencing clients and your team while producing revenue growth and new business opportunities.  

Specifically, here’s what you will learn: 

  • How beliefs shape your everyday thoughts in your personal life and professional life. 
  • The difference between disempowering and empowering beliefs.  
  • The power of believing in yourself and your influence abilities. 
  • How to diminish your negative beliefs and generate new ones that will lead you to success. 
  • Why taking risks can be worth it. 
  • What self-awareness exactly is, how it relates to influence, and how you can improve your self-awareness.  
  • Why you should always keep your colleague or client in mind during an influential conversation.  

Download the Amplify Your Influence Guidebook 

Are you ready to become a confident influencer? Download the Amplify Your Influence Guidebook to communicate with resonance, helping you grow your leadership and credibility within your audience and revenue within your business.  

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