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Episode 14: It’s Not About the Sale. It’s About Building Relationships with Frances Hinojosa

Strengthen your relationships through courageous conversations.

Having that difficult conversation or being the bearer of hard news is not always easy.

And if you’re someone who endeavours to sell from love, tough love is not something we want to avoid – right?

This is an opportunity to reframe this difficult conversation into a courageous conversation.

You letting a client know you can’t do something for them or that it’s going to cost more than expected is an act of service – for you and for them.

By practicing being brave, you up-level your leadership and impact and you invite your clients and team to do the same.

My guest today Frances Hinojosa is the co- founder and President of Tribe Financial who’s mission is to dutifully help Canadians navigate the winding path towards homeownership.

Frances believes that the mortgage broker’s role has evolved. No longer is it merely about securing borrowers the best rates; the true value is providing clients financial mentorship by helping them plan and prepare for milestones and forks in the road in their financial future.

Frances was recently recognized by the Canadian Mortgage Professional as a 2020 Women of Influence in the industry for her passion and commitment in mentoring, guiding and coaching professionals in the industry.

The core theme of this episode is how to overcome fear, so we go out there having courageous conversations.

Today on the Sell From Love Podcast:
  • Client relationships: In order to best serve our clients, we can’t be afraid to have a difficult conversation. Instead, we need reframe this delivery of “bad news” into an act of tough love.
  • How you communicate and those specific triggers that set you off. It’s by gaining a deeper understanding of yourself you learn to understand others better.
  • Facing your fears through the practice of courageous conversations. We can’t pull back or shy away from these moments, because their hard, instead it’s in these moments we practice being brave and learn more about who we are and what we’re made of.

I can’t wait for you to listen in and to learn how to step froward into a courageous conversation as Frances Hinojosa shows us her way.

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