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Episode 141: Navigating the Social Media Landscape in 2024 With Lauren Litt

Social media can be a love/fear marketing channel. With content competition and saturation and endless algorithm updates to stay on top of, you might be ready to throw in the towel.  

But in this Transformational Selling™ Podcast episode, I interview Fractional Chief Marketing Officer and CEO, Lauren Litt, who will help you find the value in social media, exposing how you can best use it to grow your business and connect with customers.  

Lauren Litt is the owner and lead Social Media Manager at Lil Shameless Plug. Lil Shameless Plug is a social media management company dedicated to the curation and creation of quality content. She’s had the pleasure of working with a variety of independent entrepreneurs, brick and mortars, coaches, and even an Oscar Qualifying Film Festival! 

If you’re ready to reignite your passion for social media and use it with intent to grow your business, then this episode is perfect for you. 

Specifically, here’s what you will learn:  

  • Why you “should” be on social media. 
  • The business benefits of having social media presence.  
  • How to come up with social media ideas and repurpose content.  
  • The key differences between LinkedIn and Instagram. 
  • How to choose a platform that aligns with your business. 
  • Posting and engagement best practices.  
  • The power of grounding habits.  
  • Social media and AI forecast predications. 

Connect With Lauren: 

If you have a specific question or topic, you’d like me to talk about on the podcast I want to hear from you. Email me at to share it with me.  

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