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self-reflecting at work

Episode 149: Look Back to Leap Forward: The Benefits of Self-Reflecting at Work

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Last month, I went on a silent retreat. While the moments of silence were uncomfortable at first, how I felt afterward and what I learned were life-changing, so I want to share my experience with you. 

You don’t need to attend a retreat to harness the power of self-reflection. It’s such a powerful tool when used in the workplace and can enhance your leadership and career journey. I’ll teach you how to use it and the benefits you can reap!  

What to Expect

  • How self-reflection is a powerful tool to help you gain new perspectives, find clarity, and identify areas for improvement. 
  • Why self-awareness is the most crucial leadership skill. 
  • How self-reflection fuels self-awareness. 
  • How to start incorporating self-reflection into coaching conversations to help you guide your team to new solutions. 
  • Practical ways to facilitate self-reflection including focusing on gratitude, journaling, and taking walks. 
  • The significance of self-reflection and how it plays a role in workplace engagement. 


00:00 – Introduction and Silent Retreat Experience 

06:39 – The Importance of Self-Reflection in the Workplace 

11:02 – Self-Reflection as a Tool for Productivity 

16:10 – Getting Started with Self-Reflection 

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