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Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Episode 150: The Bright Side of Imposter Syndrome

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Historically, imposter syndrome has a bad reputation. It’s a state of being anxious and not feeling success internally despite external successful performance, leading people to feel like a fraud. When imposter syndrome rears its head at work, it can limit your brilliance, potential, and performance.  

But what if I told you imposter syndrome is a good thing, something to embrace that is a catalyst for growth? You just need to know how to move through and beyond it. In this episode, I expose the bright side of imposter syndrome and how it can be important to guide you toward your best future self.  

What to Expect

  • What imposter syndrome exactly is. 
  • The top signs of imposter syndrome and how they show up at work. 
  • The side effects of imposter syndrome.  
  • How imposter syndrome can be used as a growth strategy to activate one’s potential. 
  • 4 strategies for managing imposter syndrome (the 4 Rs). 
  • How self-doubt can be an ally and a sign of aspiring for greatness. 


00:00 – Introduction and Overview 

05:10 – Imposter Syndrome as a Growth Strategy 

26:46 – Rehearsing Past Successes 

30:55 – Conclusion 


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