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Boreout at Work

Episode 151: Boreout, Burnout, Apathy — Oh My!

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There’s a friend (precursor) to burnout that can be even more damaging than burnout… Meet boreout.  

Boreout is an apathetic state where you feel “meh” about your work, being detached and uninvolved in new projects or meetings. Essentially, boreout fuels workplace disengagement, but there are 4 things you can do to manage it. 

With balancing work and the tornado of life, it can be challenging to maintain the same levels of engagement at work every day. So, follow me on this yellow brick road to finding joy and passion at work again by knowing how to overcome boreout when it strikes.  

What to Expect

  • How boreout contributes to workplace disengagement.
  • What exactly boreout is. 
  • Top 4 causes of boreout.  
  • 4 tactics you can use to overcome boreout (FLOW).  
  • How your Brilliant Difference™ plays a role in your workplace engagement journey.  


00:00 – The Impact of Boredom on Workplace Disengagement 

05:07 – Recognizing the Signs of Boreout 

11:33 – Finding FLOW: Balancing Skill and Difficulty 

16:06 – Strategies for Moving Forward From Boreout 


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