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Episode 153: Million-Dollar Mindset With Caitlin Bacher

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Calling all course creators, entrepreneurs, and workshop facilitators — do you know what you need to make your first (or next) million dollars?  

In episode 153, you’ll get all the answers from the CEO of Scale With Success, Caitlin Bacher. Running a company that’s dedicated to teaching coaches and course creators how to turn their online course into a 7-figure business without launching, she has rapidly grown her own business to over $11 million in revenue and there’s no slowing down in sight.  

The main shift that excelled her revenue growth? Shifting from launching to evergreen selling, and it all started from a chance encounter with a new friend revealing a completely different approach to selling courses. This gave her the momentum she needed to scale her business with success. Once she made the switch from launching to selling her course on autopilot, she was able to make her first $1 million in 9 months just by selling one of her online courses. She now teaches this method to course creators all over the world, and you too will get an inside look at her method and what a “million-dollar” mindset looks like.

What to Expect

  • Launching vs. selling. 
  • Why you need to stop launching and start selling. 
  • What makes successful business owners and course creators stand out.  
  • What a million-dollar mindset looks like and how to cultivate one.  
  • 3 ways to practice genuine connection with evergreen selling to connect with ideal clients and boost your revenue. 
  • Caitlin’s Brilliant Difference™ that helped her grow and exceed her revenue expectations.  


00:00 — Introduction  

0:5:03 — What Inspired Caitlin’s Business 

07:16 — The Transformation Point of Reaching $11 Million 

12:10 — Launching vs. Selling 

16:21 — Evergreen Sales Model 

17:47 — 3 Ways to Practice Genuine Connection 

28:16 — Where Business Owners and Course Creators Should Invest Their Time and Money 

36:03 — The Million Dollar Mindset 

41:20 — Caitlin’s Brilliant Difference™ 

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