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Episode 158: Finding Your Essence with Carina Diamond

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Talent development, attraction, and retention is more important for companies now than ever before. How can you pour into your people to ensure the next generations thrive and contribute to the business’ mission? 

Founder and CEO of Stella Secunda (Latin for Next Star), Carina Diamond, exposes all the details in this new Your Brilliant Difference™ Podcast episode.   

Carina Diamond is a financial services veteran with decades of experience founding, building, and selling businesses and is a champion of women and underserved individuals working in financial services. She’s a mentor and role model to numerous college students through a founded a leadership program for graduate student women. She is currently consulting to the trade on fintech, succession, and growth strategies. 

Offering her insight and expertise, learn from Carina and discover where leaders should be spending their time and effort in today’s work environment.  

What to Expect

  • How Carina helps clients through her business, Stella Secunda.  
  • How Carina’s Brilliant Difference™ has shaped and guided her business journey.  
  • How to pull back the layers and find your true zone of brilliance.  
  • The importance of generational talent. 
  • Current generational talent trends.  
  • How leaders can cultivate the best talent from their team, and how employees bring the best out of their own abilities.  
  • Where leaders should be prioritizing their efforts today.  


00:00 — Introduction  

01:33 — About Stella Secunda 

02:52 — Carina’s Business Journey 

04:05 — The Power of Feedback and Finding Your Essence 

14:03 — Seeing the World From Abundance 

19:19 — The Presence of Leaders and Teams 

20:50 — How Leaders and Employees Can Bring Their Best 

26:49 — There Are No Small Things 

32:40 — Words of Wisdom for Leaders 

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