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A group of employees talking to one another in an office.

Episode 159: Engage Your Engines: 5 Strategies to Get Your Team Invested in Their Roles and Business Mission

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The mid-year slump can be real. Leaders and employees within companies, you may be feeling exhausted from already conquering tons of meetings, completed tasks, executed projects, etc. You may be wondering, “How can I put extra fuel in my tank to continue my authentic, best performance?” 

You can find the answers within this podcast episode. Back in April, I hosted a Workplace Engagement webinar that focused on helping leaders and employees re-engage in their roles, purpose, and mission. 

I’m opening that door of insight to give you an inside look at 5 strategies that can help you and your team re-ignite enthusiasm and investment within your company.  

What to Expect

  • Current employee expectations in the workforce. 
  • Top leadership and workplace engagement trends.  
  • What exactly employee engagement is.  
  • What the future of work looks like and how leaders can adapt.  
  • The most prominent workplace engagement challenges.  
  • 5 re-engagement strategies you won’t find anywhere else.


00:00 — Introduction  

03:41 — The Power of Individualization and Future Orientation 

08:22 — The Impact of Transactional vs. Transformational Management 

11:56 — Challenges of Remote and Hybrid Working 

14:49 — 5 Strategies to Boost Engagement 

24:49 — Individualizing Talent: Leveraging Strengths and Skills 

28:02 — Fostering a Strength-Based Bench 

32:50 — Creating a Feedback-Rich Culture 

39:22 — Connecting Employee and Business Purpose 

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