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Episode 16: Stay True to Your Values and Create a Healthy Team Culture with Doug Palmer

How do you lead through a crisis?

Entering the month of March, we’re closing in on one year of COVID-19 in North America.  If any event in recent history has tested a leader’s ability to handle crisis it’s been this pandemic and many business’ rapid shift to virtual operations. 

Leaders and teams across the board unexpectedly had to re-work how they did their work.  Amongst all of this chaos became crucial for leaders to remain balanced and find creative ways to maintain a healthy team culture.   

Today’s guest, Doug Palmer, has over 35 years of experience in Corporate and Commercial Banking, including an outstanding 32-year career with Bank of Montreal.   

Doug has managed 350+ person teams and is very familiar with the delicate art of corporate relationship management. 

Over the course of his career Doug has worked with companies of all sizes, from “micro-businesses” to large public companies, covering virtually every sector of the economy and in every market across the country.  This varied experience gives him a unique and valuable perspective as we COVID-19’s impact on business management. 

Today we discuss: 
  • Crisis Management: Doug shares his 3 steps for addressing a crisis.  We talk fear-based vs. real crises and how falling for the former can weaken a team’s trust in its leader. 
  • Leadership as a journey: What makes a good leader and how to develop these skills throughout your career.  We contemplate the role of a leader in maintaining a healthy team culture and what exactly this means,. 
  • Sell From Love: Doug gives his take on my Sell From Love philosophy and we talk about where people struggle.  Most people can love their client – it comes easily and they understand why they should love their offer, but for some loving ourselves may be less obvious. 

Think about this, how many no’s are you getting in your business? If you’re not getting any could you be closing yourself off to opportunities because you’re afraid of rejection.

I can’t wait for you to listen in and to learn how to stand in your leadership as Doug Palmer shows us his way.   

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