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A person leaping between rock ledges.

Episode 160: Edge Moves™: How to Achieve Transformative Performance and Leadership 

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I won’t sugar coat it: Trying new things can be scary. But as leaders and even employees who want to thrive in roles and present a meaningful impact, trying new things is necessary. It means breaking away from your comfort zone, tip-toeing the edge of your newfound potential, and then stretching beyond.  

So, how do you do this? How do you use discomfort and challenges as catalysts for upleveling your leadership and career growth? How can you achieve transformative performance and leadership, not letting obstacles hold you back?

Through a concept I like to call, Edge Moves™. 

What to Expect

  • Defining Edge Moves™. 
  • Why making Edge Moves™ is so important for growing your leadership and career. 
  • The 3 zones of comfort and how they show up at work. 
  • How FUDGE restrains you in comfort.  
  • 4 key benefits of implementing Edge Moves™. 
  • 5 ways you can start making Edge Moves™ and soaring in your leadership and career today.  


00:00 — Introduction  

02:20 — The Importance of Edge Moves™ 

06:45 — Being in FUDGE 

11:30 — The Benefits of Making Edge Moves™ 

18:20 — 5 Ways to Start Making Edge Moves™ 

Edge Moves™ Playbook: Grab Your Copy!

Want a more in-depth guide to help you understand how you can better implement Edge Moves™ in your career and leadership to transform your impact and performance? Click below to download our brand-new resource that will help you do just that.  

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