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Episode 161: 3 Elements of High-Performing Team Chemistry 

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The most prominent challenge teams and leaders face in today’s workplace? Communication. (Listen to the episode to get all the juicy statistics.) Whether you want to bring out the best in your team, collaborate to achieve ambitious goals, or you want to elevate your current talent, it all comes down to communication and having cohesive team chemistry.  

While it can seem daunting to ensure you and your team work seamlessly, I promise you it’s not rocket science. 

In this new Your Brilliant Difference™ Podcast episode, I unveil 3 elements to help you build high-performing team chemistry. I also provide you with a tool to help you and your team design a team alliance where everyone’s differences are appreciated, and talents are used purposefully.  

What to Expect

  • Top challenges teams face in the modern workplace. 
  • What happens when there isn’t cohesive communication and collaboration.  
  • What team chemistry is and how business success relies on it. 
  • The 3 elements that comprise high-performing team chemistry.  
  • What a team alliance is and how it brings teams together.  


00:00 – Introduction: Team Chemistry and Its Importance 

02:43 – Team Challenges of Communication 

09:37 – The 3 Elements of Team Chemistry 

14:22 – Authenticity: Creating a Safe Environment Where Everyone Can Be Themselves 

15:47 – Empathy: Understanding Perspectives and Respecting Differences 

21:02 – Purpose: Unifying the Team Towards a Common Goal 

26:01 – Designing Group Norms With a Team Alliance 

Design Your Own Team Alliance

In the episode, you’ll learn what a team alliance is and how it can help you and your team excel at work, together. But now it’s time to design one! Use our free template to develop seamless communication so you and your team can deliver transformative business results.

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