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Episode 162: Winning at Work with Kisha Wynter

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From imposter syndrome, to comfort zones, to defining your authentic voice and getting people to hear and recognize it, winning at work can be challenging. But if you’re eager to advance your talent, try new things, and are ready to make the next move in, then you’ll want to tune in to this Your Brilliant Difference™ Podcast episode featuring Kisha Wynter.  

In episode 162, based on her own experiences, background, findings, and revelations that have helped her excel in her own career, Kisha teaches you exactly what it takes to win in your work. The founder of Wynter Rich Enterprises, a boutique Leadership Consulting Firm, Kisha helps mission-driven companies create healthy coaching cultures where all talent thrives regardless of background. She is also the author of the upcoming book Your Power Unleashed: How Savvy Women Use Courage to Get Promoted, Get Paid and Find Fulfillment. 

Tune in now to uncover the elements that can help you win at work and grow in your leadership.  

What to Expect

  • How to know when you should make the leap.  
  • 2 prominent challenges people face in the workplace: imposter syndrome and the confidence gap. 
  • How to overcome imposter syndrome and develop strategies to boost confidence.  
  • The importance of owning your authentic leadership style. 
  • The power of resilience and support systems when growing in your career.  


00:00 — Introduction and Overview 

03:47 — Kisha’s Journey from Corporate to Entrepreneurship 

09:38 —  Knowing When to Make the Leap 

24:36 — The Importance of Coaching and Mentorship 

26:13 — Creating a Culture of Inclusion in Organizations 

26:37 — Embracing Authentic Leadership 

29:17 — Overcoming Challenges and Growth 

37:03 — The Power of Curiosity and Creating a Safe Space 

41:01 — Building a Support System and Community 

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