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Unstoppable Confidence

Episode 21: Get Unstoppable Confidence with Kc Rossi

Unstoppable Confidence.

One of the questions I ask before going in to work with a team is “what do you want to learn.”  While I’ve definitely seen a wide range of answers in my 10+ years of coaching there is one consistent response: I want to be confident. 

If you’ve ever tried to sell anything you understand how important confidence can be during the sales interaction.  How do you find the strength you need to put yourself out there, ask a client to work with you and buy your services?  Confidence.

Simple enough, no?  “Just be confident” can seem like overly simple advice when you’re experiencing self-doubt or apprehension.  Especially when we compare ourselves to peers that seem to be thriving and assured.  However, if there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that confidence is not something you have, it’s something you develop. 

My guest today Kc Rossi is a Business & Leadership Coach who helps women scale a profitable and soul-aligned business.  Kc is all about unstoppable confidence!

She is the Founder of the Soulprint Method™, a system that helps entrepreneurs leverage their strengths joyfully to enhance performance and thrive. 

Kc hosts of the Women Developing Brilliance® podcast; a show dedicated to growth strategies for leaders with a purpose. 

Today We discuss: 
  • Unstoppable Confidence! Kc tells us how to develop unstoppable confidence by first identifying what is holding us back.
  • Self-Worth in Entrepreneurship: When you’re selling yourself it can be easy to let your business’ success determine your personal value. Kc and I share our experience in this space and give tips on maintaining a boundary between your personal worth and business.
  • Thoughtful vs. Overthinking: Kc shares her tips for balancing introspection with productivity. There can be a fine line between introspection and overthinking which holds us in a state of paralysis.  How do you balance this as an introvert?

I can’t wait for you to listen in and to learn unstoppable confidence as Kc Rossi shows us her way.

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