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Episode 24: I got caught selling from fear.

Finding Sell From Love.

Learning to sell from love doesn’t mean being perfect.

On today’s episode of the Sell From Love podcast I’m sharing a personal story about  uncertainty, selling from fear—and most importantly returning to selling from love.

Fear doesn’t always have to be personal but can be triggered by your environment.  Or in my case, triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic last year.

Fear and uncertainty in the system can knock us out of alignment but embracing sell from love means learning to recognize this and realign.

I reveal the root of these fear feelings, and (spoiler alert) the relation to self-preservation and protection.

In the episode I share my most powerful technique for transforming your mindset and moving from fear to love.

Introducing the Sell From Love Academy

Are you interested in diving deeper in Sell From Love and learning to keep yourself in alignment?

Today I’m introducing my new program: The Sell From Love Academy.

The Sell From Love Academy is a holistic program for selling and marketing your personal brand, expertise and services.  If you’re interested in learning more visit and check out our Founding Member special offer.

I’m so glad you’re hear with me today and I can’t wait for you to listen and learn more about selling from love!

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