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Episode 25: Your Self-Worth is not for Sale.

Separating “you” from your business.

There’s nothing quite as validating, as when you describe a struggle you’ve experienced and someone responds: yes, I know exactly what you mean.  Even when if it’s a negative feeling you’re bonding over, you can take comfort in knowing you are not alone.

This is a feeling I’ve experience time and time again while interviewing entrepreneurs and coaches for my Sell From Love podcast.  It’s interesting the way the same topics and feelings have come up with my different guests over the past few months!

Today I decided to delve a little deeper into one of these repeating themes: separating your self-worth from your business when your business is you.

In my book Sell From Love I talk about the importance of loving yourself, loving your client, and loving your offer.  But what happens when what you’re offering is yourself?

On today’s episode of the Sell From Love podcast I discuss my experience selling myself as a coach.  It can be very easy to fall into our sell from fear protection mode when the product we’re offering is our own knowledge, ideas, and expertise. 

I’m opening up to share my path of learning to value myself outside of my business worth. Your completeness cannot be determined by the outcomes you deliver in your business.

I breakdown the difference between selling a tangible product vs. your own knowledge and share how I have learned to take my ego out of the equation truly sell from love.

I’m so glad you’re hear with me today and I can’t wait for you to listen and learn more about honouring your self-worth!

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