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How Did I Get Here? Stay Aligned in a Chaotic Life.

What does a life in alignment look like? I know all too well the price one pays when our people pleasing, perfection tendencies and doing what it takes to meet performance expectations take a hold of us. I’ve had a few life assignments come my way to learn this lesson. Often times, the way we learn this lesson is with a visit from the dark night of the soul.

My guest today is Lisa Hutcheson, Managing Partner at J.C Williams Group, a boutique, global retail consulting firm that specializes in retail strategy and research. Lisa gets personal with us by sharing her journey on how she overcame these fear triggers. It almost cost her life. A seemingly healthy 40year old – in an instant gets flatlined on a treadmill. In this episode you’ll hear how this big wake-up call woke Lisa up. Fear is always waiting at your doorstep, ready to walk in whenever you try something new. Lisa also shares her experience of moving from blogging to doing videos and how it moved her away from alignment again. Lisa offers us a formula on how to get out there and try new things, even though it would be perfect, make others happy and at time not even get close to our personal standards.

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