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Episode 32: Create Belief Systems That Attract Communities with Patrick Hanlon

Make them feel.

You don’t buy something because you’re attached to the product.  You buy something because you’re attached to a feeling you can associate with the product.  People aren’t dedicated to a brand because they love the logo.  No– they’re dedicated to what a brand allows them to believe.

Your clients are seeking a specific feeling and experience.  If your brand can create belief systems that attract communities, your brand will stand the test of time.

My guest today is Patrick Hanlon, author of PRIMAL BRANDING. This ground-breaking book uncovers the root code for building authentic audiences and brand communities. 

PRIMAL BRANDING is required reading at YouTube. 

As CEO/founder of, Hanlon works with billion-dollar brands and those who want to become billion-dollar brands.

Clients have included Google, Levi’s, Microsoft, PayPal, PepsiCo, VW, Kraft, Shopify, TimeWarner, Upworthy, United Nations and others. 

Patrick has spoken at NYU, FIT, IDEO, H&P Innovation Series, and holds Primal.Live events (virtually and live) in China, Europe, South Africa, Argentina, Colombia and elsewhere. 

Today we discuss: 

  • Primal Branding: Patrick began developing this central ideology 20 years ago.  He shares his belief that brands are not a product/ service/ or company – rather a brand speaks to a “belief system” and should attract a community.
  • “Nobody Cares”: According to Patrick this is the number one rule of marketing we’d do best to keep in mind.  We discuss the strength of knowing who your people are and how to build an audience.
  • Marketing Metrics: It used to be said that word of mouth was the best way to promote a brand.  We talk about the value of having a loyal audience and Patrick breaks down how digital media has created a method for quantifying “water cooler talk.”

I can’t wait for you to listen in and to learn how to activate your Primal Brand as Patrick Hanlon shows us his way.

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