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imperfectly ambitious

Episode 33: Move Forward by Being Imperfectly Ambitious with Amanda Edwards

Don't get stuck on perfection.

Perfection, in theory, is a great thing– but any self-described “perfectionist” knows striving for flawlessness can quickly set you back.  For those of us that are naturally hardworking and driven it can be easy to get caught in this perfection trap. 

It’s good to work hard and want more for yourself but oftentimes this desire to achieve is tampered when you get too caught up in how big your goals are.  Imperfectly Ambitious is about balancing your drive to do big things with an acceptance that it’s okay to be yourself.  In fact– yourself is the best thing to be.

My guest today is Amanda Edwards, a business mentor, who helps women make more impact and find more fulfillment through their work. 

Amanda has led accounts and sales strategy over the past 15 years working in the technology industry, with Fortune 500 Companies. 

In an industry with very few women, she has had to learn how to own her voice, establish authority and her leadership, and today has a passion to help you do the same thing. 

She has created the internationally chart ranking Imperfectly Ambitious Podcast to equip you with tools to help you pursue your own version of success and break through what holds you back. Amanda lives in Minnesota, US with her husband, two young kiddos, and golden retriever.

Today we discuss: 

  • Love vs. Fear: Amanda gives her take on the principles of my work, Sell From Love.  Selling from a place of love keeps you in alignment with your values and opens you up to take risks.  Amanda shares a story of how selling from love in her career has paid off!
  • Imperfectly Ambitious: This is the name of Amanda’s podcast and a mindset she wants to share with women in business.   We talk being stuck in “achievement mode” and challenging yourself to take the first step.
  • Sales Struggles: We try to answer the question “why is selling so hard” and get real about the fear of rejection.  Amanda shares that her solution isn’t more process and tactics, rather being present and choosing to sell  from a place of alignment.

I can’t wait for you to listen in and to learn how to move forward being imperfectly ambitious as Amanda Edwards shows us her way.

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