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Episode 35: Mindset Breakthrough Strategies with Kimberly Olson

Mindset Breakthrough Strategies with Kimberly Olson.

Many people fall into the trap that if they just get the right name for their business or service, or the perfect logo, or the impeccable website design, then that will lead them to a successful business they love and makes a difference.

Building a business that earns more profit, reaches more clients, and makes a positive impact is more than that. Those aspects of your business are important; however, they are the transactional parts – not the transformational ones that will change you, your client, and the world.

Today on the Sell From Love podcast, my guest Kimberly Olson and I talk about de-mystifying the branding and business building process.  This includes the beliefs you have about yourself and your offer. We also talk about the crucial role mindset plays and how women today are being invited into an opportunity to step into their leadership to make change in the world.

Kimberly Olson is a self-made millionaire and the creator of The Goal Digger Girl, where she serves female entrepreneurs by teaching them simple systems and online strategies in sales and marketing.

Through the power of social media, she equips her clients to explode their online presence and get real results in their business, genuinely and authentically.

She has two PhDs in Natural Health and Holistic Nutrition, has recently been recognized as the #2 recruiter in her current network marketing company globally, is the author of four books including best-sellers.

The Goal Digger is a top 50 rated podcast in marketing. Kimberly is a nationally public speaker, where she most recently spoke on a TEDx stage and is an Ambassador for John Maxwell.

Here’s what you’ll learn today in my conversation with Kimberly Olson

  • How to build an intuitional and authentic brand: Building your brand can’t wait for perfect timing.  Kimberly shows us a way that you can build your brand intuitively. It’s something that doesn’t have to be figured out in an instant, rather something that goes along with you as you grow in your business and leadership.
  • Mindset that builds confidence: What you think about yourself matters when it comes to mindset which ends up building your self-confidence. Kimberly offers us ideas on how to train your brain to think more positively and use it to create the life and business you dream of.
  • Women and the power today to change the world: To change the world, you need to start with you. We will discuss how your own journey can lead to authentic power and natural leadership, because as you shine, you give all those around you the permission to do the same.

I can’t wait for you to listen in and to learn how to have a mindset breakthrough as Kimberly Olson shows us her way.

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