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Episode 41: Finding Confidence in the Most Surprising Places

Finding Confidence in the Most Surprising Places

Welcome to episode 41.

Where does confidence come from?

It’s something most of us strive for yet struggle with.

You need confidence to start a business, write a blog, or share your opinion on social media. We need confidence to speak in front of a crowd and confidence to invite a client to work with us.

Some days you have it and other days it’s like it was never there.

So how do you get some? Some of that often flighty and temperamental confidence.

I believe that the degree to which we love ourselves informs and influences how much confidence we feel and the confidence we project.

The first pillar to Sell From Love is to Love Yourself.

It is foundational. When you learn how to love yourself, fully and completely no matter what faults or follies you see, you will have access to a limitless well of confidence.

We dive deeper into this topic for this episode. Specifically, here’s what you learn:

How our own limiting perspective is getting in the way of our success and sense of value and worth
Second, there are two experiences going on that you need to be aware of – one is taking confidence away from you while the there could be giving it to you.
And finally, I will offer you a surprising strategy that you can stop feeling guilty about using and instead leverage it to help you get unstuck and move forward.

Ready to learn more? Tune in!


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If you’re a coach, consultant, workshop leader, or course creator that:

  • Wants to build a business but doesn’t know how to sell yourself or your work.
  • Is struggling to connect with ideal clients or close the sales you need to generate the revenue you want.
  • Wants to stop feeling overwhelmed with busy work and can’t find the time to focus on the high value strategic work you need to be doing
  • Struggles to put a price on the value you bring

Then you’re in the right place!

SELL FROM LOVE ACADEMY is the modern, principled way to rise above the noise, differentiate your work, add value and deliver a transformation to your clients and community.

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I’d be honoured to work with you and help you learn how to sell from love so you can earn more profit, reach more clients, and make a bigger impact.

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