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When Do We Speak Up? How Do You Want to Be Heard?

How do you find your voice of influence?  Does speaking up, declaring your opinion, sharing your ideas, or stating your needs cause someone else’s voice to dim down?

I’ve often struggled with this exact question. I consider myself an empathic person. I’m sensitive to the needs of others and mindful of how my actions affect them.  As a result, I’m acutely aware of when I take up space in a room.  Often, I wondered am I making it all about me, is it self-fish, am I being self centric or narcissistic.

One thing I’ve learned is if you’re the type of person that is asking these kinds of questions –you need to trust yourself, that you are not that person you worry about being.  And more importantly, you’re probably holding back more than we want you to because you’re so conscientious of yourself and of others.

We want to hear you. We want your voice at the table. We want you to take up space.

My guest today, Andrea Wenburg is the CEO and founder of the consulting firm, Voice of Influence® and uses her fearless approach to draw out the best in leaders and teams, by helping them develop motivating influence with customers and key stakeholders. 

In this episode with Andrea we go deep on how you can use your Voice of Influence to sell from love.  We talk about what is really underneath the surface and why we hold back and don’t share our voice.  

Even though 2020 has been filled with its challenges, I love what Andrea had to say. She wasn’t going to be afraid of not getting clients, not having enough sales or revenues, hold her back to settling for whatever she could get.  Instead she stopped the scramble and stood firmly in her voice and value.  She knew her solutions where what her clients needed and asked for what she deserved.  And it worked!

I can’t wait for you to listen to this episode and get inspired to share your Voice of Influence as Andrea shows us her way.

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