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Episode 8: How Would You Like to Be Addressed? It’s all about those finishing touches with Toi Sweeney

Show Notes:

When you walk in a room, turn on your video for a Zoom call or make a presentation to your team or a potential client – how do you want to be seen?

What do you want them to say, think and feel about You?

Now I don’t enjoy spending a whole of time on thinking about what I’m going to wear or even shopping for my wardrobe.  I’d rather spend time in a bookstore than a clothing boutique.

But I do value style, feeling good and using what I wear as an expression of who I am.

Even though I know it’s important, the fact that it is such a heavy lift for me to focus in on this area – it often takes a back seat.

I recall hearing Arianna Huffington co-founder of The Huffington Post and the founder and CEO of Thrive Global talk about how we can we are wasting valuable thinking time standing in front of our closets trying to figure out what to wear.

You see – making decisions about the clothes you’ll wear, the style you’re going put on or if you’re up to date on latest trends wears out one of your most critical leadership skills – decision making.

You have a finite capacity on how many decisions you can make before decision fatigue sets in and starts deteriorating the quality of decisions you’re making because you’ve already used up your capacity.

Now it’s not only about looking and feeling good and protecting your decision making well spring that your wardrobe comes into play.

You can use what you wear as a practice to define the intention of how you want to show up for your team, your clients, and your impact.

Asking questions like:

  • What do you want them to say, think or feel about you – after you leave the room. Is a sign of a leader who is mindful about their presence and impact.
  • What if I could give you an excuse and really good reason to shop and use your wardrobe as a business and leadership strategy?


My guest today, Toi Sweeney is the Founder and Chief Style Officer of the Well-Dressed Brand.

Toi is an award-winning fashion stylist, brand image strategist, speaker, entrepreneur, certified Fascination Advantage™ coach, and the author of Secrets of a Well-Dressed Brand.

From founding her own design firm, Her Majesty the Queen, to managing the image of almost 30 TV personalities at the leading home shopping network – QVC, she uses her background to tell stories through fashion.

Toi’s passion and talent has earned her a variety of honors and accomplishments.

Presented with a prestigious Telly Award and featured in The Philadelphia Inquirer, Main Line Today, and other mediums, where she lends her style expertise and innovative approach to video production, web commercials, and print pieces.

A motto that Toi stands by is this: “When you look good, you feel good. When you feel good, you are confident. When you are confident, the world is yours.”

Now isn’t there is a truth to that!

I am delighted to bring you this really interesting conversation.

Now you may be thinking what does your wardrobe have to do with how you sell, lead and work?

Well, you need to listen to this episode where Toi Sweeney, talks about the importance of how the way you dress informs and influences how you will be addressed.

She shows us how being more thoughtful about what you’ll wear and the style you’ll bring is a sign of mindful leadership.

Toi talks about creating a brand right closet that has you sitting in the driver’s seat controlling the narrative of what others say about you because you’re being intentional of how you’re showing up and representing yourself.

I can’t wait for you to listen to this episode and get inspired to style you brand and leadership as Toi Sweeney shows us her way.

Now let’s dive in!


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