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Ep. 9 Robyn Sayles

Episode 9: Be Who You Are Meant to Be to Succeed with Robyn Sayles

Who Are You Meant to Be to Succeed?

I’ve spent most of my career in corporate – specifically financial services.  I’ve always appreciated being able to learn and get into different areas in my career without ever needing to leave the company.  I was able to dive into sales, service, leadership, risk, HR and learning and development – all within one organization.

This was a difference I valued.

However, one of the things I struggled with most was figuring out how to bring my different ideas, perspectives and point of view to the table.

Often, when I shared a new idea or suggested a different way to solve an old problem – colleagues around the table would shake their heads side to side with comments like “it’s not how we do things around here or we’ve never done it that way before or that just won’t work.

After repeatedly being turned down or dismissed, eventually I kept my different, creative ideas to myself.  I started to make up a story that something was wrong about me or that my ideas were not good enough.

Has something like this ever happened to you?

Are there qualities you bring to the table that are unique?

Does this uniqueness feel more like a burden than a gift?

What I ultimately learned is that these differences, these unique qualities you bring to your leadership, clients, and company is what they need most.

In my book Sell From Love – I talk a lot about how we need to love ourselves in order to sell, work and lead better. 

If you don’t love who you are how can you expect others to?

I like to call this package of you-ness – your Brilliant Difference.

It’s a compilation of your talents, skills and gifts = that is your Brilliance. 

It’s here to add value, make change and deliver an impact = this is your Difference.

It wasn’t till I finally learned this that I was able to fully own who I was and love myself for all the quirks and differences I brought. Once I fell in love with who I was and unapologetically owned my differences, that was when others started appreciating them too.

If you’re not being valued or appreciated? Or if you’re not being recognized for your true worth – could you be the one who is dismissing, denying or devaluing yourself most?

My guest today, Robyn Sayles is the CEO and Founder of Launching Your Success.

Established in 2014, her company provides brand coaching and team workshops nationwide.

Robyn also shares her knowledge of personal brands with audiences at conferences, seminars, and private corporate events.

As an improv veteran and former corporate trainer, Robyn knows how to win over an audience and deliver ground-breaking ideas—without breaking a sweat.

Robyn started Launching Your Success because she believes that when people know their value, they perform better and when people have fun, they learn better.

Using this framework, she helps her clients achieve big goals without sacrificing belly laughs.


I am excited to bring you this energizing conversation with Robyn Sayles.

In this episode we have a frank discussion on authenticity and being yourself in business and in the workplace.

We talk about the challenges with bringing your whole self to the work and how ‘fitting in’ tends to take over many of us at one point in our careers. Eventually this only leads to you bringing a watered-down version of yourself to your work and leadership.

And that is something I don’t want for you, your clients or your business. Being yourself is fundamental to your success and leadership. It will help you get clients, climb that corporate ladder, and build your business.

Robyn shares her perspective on how you can be more of you, teach others how to treat you, how creating an emotional connection with your clients is key to your success and how to prepare for those moments when you’ve got to venture outside your comfort zone.

I can’t wait for you to listen to this episode and get inspired to be who you are meant to be to succeed as Robyn Sayles shows us her way.

Now let’s dive in!


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