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Episode 43: How to overcome comparisitis

How to Overcome Comparisitis.

Welcome to episode 43.

Do you compare yourself to others? Do you look at what they have going on and think you’re less than or not good enough because you don’t have as many followers, connections, or a fancy Instagram page like they do?

Are you evaluating yourself, your results, or your business against industry success stories? Basically, are you comparing your beginning or middle to their end?

Are you wishing you could be somewhere other than where you are, right now in this moment?

You’re not alone. We all do it, it’s something inherent in our human condition. We are hard wired to compare. It’s not you, it’s your brain.

It is a judging, comparing and assessment machine. It does this so it can keep you safe, be efficient and stay alive.

However, it does a terrible job at deciphering real threats to our survival to ones that hold us back from thriving.

The same mechanism it uses to judge if the dark alley you’re about to walk through is safe or dangerous is the same that assesses if the stage or zoom room you’re about to present on or the proposal you’re about to put in front of your clients is going to have a positive and secure outcome or a be a negative, epic failure.

It wants to hold you back from having the latter. As a result, while your brain compares to offer you ‘safer’ alternatives, you walk away feeling belittled, limited, and insufficient.

The objective of this episode is for you to stop feeling bad about getting bitten by the bug of comparisitis. Instead, I want to offer you a way to use it to help you feel better about yourself and your business.

We dive deeper into this topic for this episode. Specifically, here’s what you’ll walk away with:

How to catch yourself when your brain goes down the dark path of comparisitis and create strategies to avoid it next time

How to not make yourself feel wrong or bad because you did it again – you fell down in the lowly place of not feeling good enough or at least as good as others
And finally how the one thing that is different about you, could be your saving grace.

Ready to learn more? Tune in!


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