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Episode 45: How to use your obstacles to get better results

How to use your obstacles to get better results

Welcome to episode 45.

In today’s episode I am bringing a little bit of my farm life and how the lessons I learned in my garden can help you in your business. Question for you:

Do you get frustrated when you try to do something and after several attempts, are not getting the results that you want?

You’re committed to your goals and are taking regular action to connect with clients, post on social, write a blog or share tips with clients but after all your efforts, you still are not growing your business at the pace you want or making the difference you desire.

What if you could use this obstacle as a means to getting you closer to your goals and the impact you want to make?

In this episode I’ll share with you how some of those nasty weeds that get in the way you are flourishing can be exactly what you need to make those difficult decisions

Specifically, here’s what you will learn:

  • How making one change, can determine success or failure in how you are showing up in your work and leadership
  • How to use the challenges you are facing as an indicator on the decisions you need to make to help you build a business you love
  • And finally, how to not let the weeds growing in your garden get in the way of you shining brightly in your Brilliant Difference.

Ready to learn more? Tune in!


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